We’re not just a resource in cremation. we are the leader.

Excellent equipment design and superior customer service are supremely important for any modern cremation facility. We understand that, and we work hard to ensure you get it all from Pyrox. We are the only human and animal cremator manufacturer in the United States and Canada that blends construction expertise and engineering insights with the highest-quality cremation retorts around. Pyrox cremators are safe. They’re dependable. They’re environmentally compliant and they provide years of trouble-free use. As a result, you benefit from increased productivity, increased profitability and reduced overall operating costs. It’s our pledge to bring you the very best our industry has to offer, and we can’t wait for you to experience the Pyrox cremation equipment difference for yourself.

Built to build.

Pyrox is an innovator in every sense of the word. An industry catalyst always exploring and investing in new possibilities with top safety and service in mind. We represent the world’s zenith in advanced refractory technologies and cutting-edge retort automation, and you can see this quality come to life in our high-performance, low-maintenance human cremation equipment.

Cremation retorts that are beyond compare

Pyrox cremation retorts have led the industry for more than 30 years. They are developed from extensive experience in crematorium manufacturing, service and repair, which is why we believe Pyrox is the only name worthy of gracing our own crematory equipment line. Our customers are everything to us, so we looked to them to learn exactly which features they wanted in human and animal cremators. Then we designed our exclusive retorts to be cleaner, faster, quieter, and more fuel-efficient than any other option on the market. All of our crematory equipment comes fully loaded with automatic controls and can be programmed for helpful self-monitoring. Pyrox retorts are also highly attractive, functional, and considered among the best cremation chambers you can buy. What’s more, safety and environmental compliance are paramount at Pyrox, so you can rest assured that each cremator is CSA-approved and certified to the highest standards. In fact, we’re so confident in our cremation products that we offer our customers a full, 1-year limited warranty on every machine we manufacture. No questions asked.

Our crematory solutions are custom-built for you

Pyrox cremation equipment provides custom, turnkey fabrication and installations by our knowledgeable team. We can install your cremator in a dedicated building or inside your existing facility, but either way, we’ll always look for innovative ways to benefit your business. Take energy recuperation, for instance. Our design capabilities are so advanced that we can install your system to recycle and redirect excess warmth to heat another area in your facility. That’s the type of unique solution you can only get when you hire the world’s leading funeral construction company. It’s what we do best, and we’ll proudly do it for you.

Cremation solutions you can count on

Pyrox operates a leading independent, family-owned crematory manufacturing company in Canada. All of our full-scale retorts, small cremation products and accessories are manufactured and inspected at this dedicated facility.

Look to us for:

  • Human Crematories
  • Pet and Animal Crematory Equipment
  • Incinerators
  • Medical Pathological Waste Incinerators (Bio Medical Waste Incinerators)
  • Hydraulic Lift Tables
  • Cremated Remains Processors
  • Other Safety and Human Crematorium Equipment
  • Body Coolers
  • Refractory Installation and Repair
  • Crematory Service and Repair for All Makes and Models

Our mission is to perfect human and animal cremation equipment while offering service, repair and products that are second to none. That means you get the highest quality workmanship, technology and customer service all from the same core company—the one you trust.

Cremation equipment

Ten reasons Pyrox cremation equipment tops the rest


The Pyrox cremation retorts have faster cremation cycles and shorter cool-down periods that outperform all other cremators in their class. Designed with “hot hearth” floors, these units can complete an average cremation in approximately one hour in production mode.

Emission Control

The high-temperature, double-chamber design ensures complete combustion and thermal efficiency. It effectively eliminates all visible emissions and odors when properly operated and maintained. In addition, our industry-leading pollution monitoring and control package with opacity sensor automatically takes corrective action to comply with the most stringent environmental standards.

Faster Cremation Cycles & Fuel Savings

We build all crematorium equipment with the highest quality refractory bricks, insulation panels and an air gap, providing excellent thermal insulation. Coupled with draft control and air distribution system, each unit ensures outstanding fuel economy for optimum performance. Additionally, our crematorium equipment software scans heat sensors and reacts accordingly by powering the primary chamber on or off to maximize efficiency.

Minimal Maintenance

Each Canadian-built Pyrox cremation retort unit is designed and built with top quality materials to provide years of trouble-free operation and the industry’s longest refractory life. Using a multi-chamber hot hearth ensures a durable unit through high volume cremations. This costs less to repair and will save time and money in the future.


An electronic, programmable management console automatically controls the entire cremation cycle. This feature includes operating software, cremation analytics and reporting functionality, environmental monitoring and exporting functionality. It is Ethernet-equipped for remote, cloud-based management from any internet-enabled location. Plus, our easy-read display screen and digital temperature controller allow for constant monitoring of the unit operation.

Turnkey Installation

Pyrox cremation equipment provides complete installation services or highly detailed, easy-to-follow instructions (for self-installers). To install a Pyrox retort, you simply connect the refractory-lined steel stack and ductwork, followed by your gas and electric utility hook-ups. Our units come pre-wired, pre-piped, and pre-tested before shipment, so all you have to do is offload and make the connections.

Total Safety & Resilience

All crematory equipment units include heavy-gauge, refractory-lined steel stack and ductwork. Pyrox retorts offer the best and safest stack construction available today.

Safe & Easy Loading

You can smoothly raise and lower the power-operated, self-locking, perfectly self-sealing door with a touch of a button. Plus, a built-in casket roller provides safe and convenient front-loading.

Safe & Easy Retrieval

Retrieving cremated remains is safe and efficient with our convenient external collection hopper. It’s designed to protect the operator from radiant heat while facilitating the easy transfer of remains from the flat floor to the external hopper and ash pan.

Remote, Web-Based Access

The retort can be controlled and managed remotely using a smartphone or computer. You can monitor the cremation cycle, alarm settings and cremator conditions in real-time from anywhere with an online connection.

Meet the models

Making sacrifices on quality, design, materials or manufacturing simply isn’t in the Pyrox vernacular. Every product and service we provide to your crematory is backed by our legendary commitment to service.

Plus, all Pyrox retorts are:

  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Approved
  • CE Marking through the European Product Safety Regulations
  • Compliance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

Pyrox’s 21st century retorts at a glance

Specifications Pyrox 1000-Plus Pyrox 1000-Extra Pyrox Oversize “OS”
Single Load Capacity 500 lbs.
226.79 kg.
750 lbs.
340.19 kg.
1,000 lbs.
453.59 kg.
Burn Rate 165 lbs./hr.
74.84 kg./hr.
200 lbs./hr.
90.72 kg./hr.
400 lbs./hr.
181.43 kg./hr.
Overall Width with Side Panel 82” / 208.28cm 88” / 223.52cm 109″ / 276.86cm
Opening of Primary Chamber 35” W x 31” H
88.9cm W x 78.74cm H
40” W x 31” H
101.6cm W x 78.74cm H
41” W x 50” H
104.14cm W x 127cm H
Loading Door 45” W x 39” H
114.3cm W x 99.06cm H
50” W x 42” H
127cm W x 106.68cm H
50” W x 55” H
127cm W x 139.7cm H
Weight 25,000 lbs.
11,339.81 kg.
30,000 lbs.
13607.77 kg.
35,000 lbs.
15875.73 kg.
Fuel Natural Gas, LP Gas (Propane), Butane Natural Gas, LP Gas (Propane), Butane Natural Gas, LP Gas (Propane), Butane
Electrical 220/240/600V, 1 or 3-Phases 220/240/600V, 1 or 3-Phases 220/240/600V, 1 or 3-Phases
Max Fuel Rating 2.25 MM BTU/HR 2.75 MM BTU/HR 3.5 MM BTU/HR
Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty
Control Panel Right, Left or Remote Right, Left or Remote Right, Left or Remote
PLC Controls State-of-the-art combustion control programming and 7” (17.78cm) color touchscreen display. State-of-the-art combustion control programming and 7” (17.78cm) color touchscreen display. State-of-the-art combustion control programming and 7” (17.78cm) color touchscreen display.
Touchscreen Optional 12.1″(30.73cm) or 15″ (38.1cm) Color TFT LCD Touchscreen Optional 12.1″(30.73cm) or 15″ (38.1cm) Color TFT LCD Touchscreen Optional 12.1″(30.73cm) or 15″ (38.1cm) Color TFT LCD Touchscreen

The speed of success

Pyrox cremators achieve faster cremations than competitive retorts with average cremation cycles lasting only 60–90 minutes in production mode.

Save fuel. Save money. Save time.

Our human cremation equipment is nothing if not fuel-friendly. The high-efficiency combustion technology and hot hearth design results in faster cremation cycle and, in turn, fuel savings that benefit your bottom line.

Shhh. It’s quiet time.

Funeral homes, cemeteries, medical facilities and other cremation locations should have a peaceful atmosphere, not a noisy one. That’s why we designed our Pyrox human cremation retorts to make all but a whisper compared to those with less advanced materials and design. The combustion air blower and motor assembly are shrouded with a sound-deadening material that substantially reduces cremator noise levels while in operation. With Pyrox, you can feel at ease positioning your cremator near high traffic areas without the fear of disrupting day-to-day operations.

Hot hearth design using heat to the fullest

All Pyrox cremation equipment is designed not only to make things quick and easy for you, but also to work efficiently for years to come. Our superior cremators are created with hot hearth design making them the clear choice for modern cremation operators focused on safety, efficiency and environmental compliance.

Hot hearth design makes use of afterburning heat, efficiently recycling it through the floor to eliminate fluid runoff (especially in large or obese cases), lower fuel consumption and extend the life of your hearth. Each chamber is individually and dynamically controlled based on time, temperature, oxygen and draft.

High five

We use a proprietary five-layer wall design in our human cremation retorts to achieve quieter operation and higher thermal efficiency.

  • Welded steel plates
  • Air space
  • Mineral fiberboard insulation
  • Insulated concrete
  • Alumina-silicate firebrick

Beat the heat

Pyrox is famous for always going the extra mile, and our cremation equipment design is the perfect example. Our retorts include heavy-gauge steel stack with refractory lining to provide the best and safest stack construction on the market.

So, that covers the “what,” but how about the “why”?

It’s simple: Refractory-lined stack reduces heat penetration under every condition and prevents the possibility of fire. Even better, Pyrox offers a 10-year warranty on the stack liner.

Looking hot

Pyrox cremators look as fine as they function.

  • Exterior walls and front panels are finished in a dark gray Hammertone paint and trimmed with stainless steel.
  • Power door is clad in strong and flawless stainless steel.
  • All major components are housed in the rear compartment, away from view.

We even offer painted steel fronts, which can be customized to reflect your company, style and décor.

Made with operators in mind

Your team’s safety is paramount to Pyrox, and we have the cremator features to prove it.

  • Self-locking, self-sealing hydraulic safety loading door opens and closes smoothly at the push of a button while integrated safety pins prevent unexpected movement.
  • Locking hardware that is integrated in the main door eliminates unexpected movement and provides maximum security while performing maintenance in the primary chamber.
  • A primary viewport lets the operator visually check the status of the cremation without opening the door, totally eliminating the risks of radiant heat or flashback exposure.

The ins and outs of it all

Pyrox’s exclusive cremation retorts feature built-in casket rollers to provide safe and convenient front loading. Then after the cremation process is complete, operators can easily remove the remains by pulling them forward to the front of the machine where they fall through a chute leading to the heavy-duty and aluminum collection vestibule. This tray also doubles as a safe cooling area for hot cremated remains while the next cremation is in progress.

The future is here

An intuitive and operator-friendly PLC Control System is at the reins of all Pyrox human cremation retorts. These high-tech operating systems are equipped with color LCD touchscreens and provide meticulous, continuous monitoring and control over all key operating parameters, such as:

  • Chamber temperatures
  • Combustion air-supply
  • Timing cycles for purging
  • Preheating the pollution control chamber
  • Cremation and cool-down cycles
  • Optional monitoring of carbon monoxide and oxygen concentrations in undiluted flue gas

All data is also recorded and saved on a hard drive for future analysis.

While you were out

A high-performance self-monitoring control system simplifies and automates the cremation process even when you’ve left the building. Now you and your operators can tap into reliable modem access to monitor conditions online from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Commitment is in the air

Air quality and environmental requirements? We’ve got them covered…completely.

Pyrox human cremators meet or exceed all the most stringent international pollution, environmental and health regulations, including those required in all of Canada’s provinces and territories. Additionally, all of our cremators are designed to perform well below accepted emission levels.

Intelligent smoke signals

Complete combustion is the Pyrox standard. As such, we use an electronic opacity sensor located at the base of the stack to monitor the clarity of the exhaust gases. The presence of smoke indicates that a cremation is occurring too fast—a situation that triggers the PLC Control System to automatically shut down the primary burner. This dynamic process supports optimal fuel expenditure and prevents visible emissions from exiting the stack.


Putting the «full» in «full-service»

We cover it all: prompt planning, zoning approval, permitting and environmental acceptance. Floor plan designs, construction, installation and start-up, including fuel connections and electrical service without the need to hire an outside technician.

We offer complete, on-site operator training to ensure the safety of your staff, and once your crematorium is up and running, we provide ongoing service, calibration, compliance checks and refractory repair for all makes and models.

A to Z repair

Pyrox cremation equipment offers everything you need for an efficient, compliant and, best of all, custom crematorium. Consider us your partner for the entire process—from floor plan design, installation and equipment start-up to after-care service, calibration and refractory service and repair. We evaluate each unique facility to ensure we provide the best options for your business. Plus, our team guarantees environmental acceptance and provides on-site operator training to get everything up and running as fast as possible. Like the sound of that? Then keep reading.

Keeping up with your upkeep

Our service offerings are the best in the business.Our expert technicians are factory-trained.Your expectations will be surpassed. Pyrox offers diagnostics, service and repair on all makes and models of cremation equipment on the market today. This includes annual tune-ups, calibration service, refractory replacement and repair, as well as general maintenance programs.

Engineered to excel

Pyrox is up on all things refractory, including complete refractory repair, replacement, reconstruction and re-bricking using only the most advanced materials.

Pyrox’s decades of experience in engineering, construction science and advanced concrete solutions coupled with Pyrox Industries Inc.'s expertise in crematory combustion technology, retort design and advanced refractory technology make us a force to be reckoned with in the cremation industry. Our expert staff can work with cremators made by every manufacturer in the U.S. and Canada and can therefore repair or replace refractory with minimum downtime to your bustling business.

Taking care of business

We’re here to have your crematorium’s back, which is why Pyrox cremation equipment is built to exacting quality and safety standards and backed by a one-year limited warranty. We also offer 10-year warranties on stack liner.